3 Factors That Ensure An Affordable Health Insurance Plan

By | October 15, 2008

Why are there affordable health insurance plans and why are there expensive ones?  How come health insurance payments don’t adhere to a universal pricing system?

There are a number of factors that can boost the fee of a health insurance premium.  Here are 3 of the more determinative forces that make or break an  reasonably priced health insurance plan.

1.    A healthy focus.  A young, entirely well individual will pay a lesser health insurance premium than, say, a 40 something focus who has acquired a record of chronic ailments.  The cause?  It’s all about the risks involved.  When the target becomes ill, the insurance company will have to provide money for his needs.  It is to the insurance institution’s advantage that the insured should stay fit as much as possible.  Younger subjects who have no account of any severe diseases are more apt to the favorable conditions that health insurance institutions desire for their trades.

2.    A safe lifestyle.  Operating in a dangerous location?  Does your life force you to move a lot?  Are you living in an area where crimes, no matter how insignificant, and other dangers are prevalent?  These are aspects that can drive the price of the premium way above the expected cost for an affordable health insurance plan.  These are risks that jeopardize the life of the subject, after all.  The health insurance company wants their insured partners to remain healthy as long as possible, and the abovementioned hazards are detrimental to this favorable situation for the insurer.

3.    A good credit rating.  What does one’s credit rating have to do with the amount of the health insurance premium, you might ask?  One of the hazards that health insurance companies have to face is the inability of the insured to pay the entirety of the premium.  Such an uncertainty can make the price of the premium to countless heights.  If the subject has a nice credit rating, then the health insurance company will see him as a financially accountable deal.  Hence, he can be awarded the premium at a significantly lesser price.

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