High Blood Pressure and Life Insurance Rates!

By | October 11, 2008

If you have High Blood Pressure or Hypertension you still can find and buy affordable Term Life Insurance plans. I will outline a few important points and tips on how to get the best rates and premiums in this post.

Factors that will affect your underwriting decision:

  • Your current age
  • Date you were diagnosed
  • What medications and treatment has your Doctor prescribed
  • Response to any treatment
  • Current readings for the last 2 years (to show that you are stable and compliant)
  • Any other health issues, like heart disease, stroke etc.

How to help your agent or broker get the best rates and speed up the underwriting process:

  • Your doctor records will be required, the carrier typically orders these
  • Records of blood pressure readings (should be in your Dr.’s records)
  • Any cardiac history records
  • Make a case for your current health such as (how much you exercise, your great diet, the new job you took to improve your health and lifestyle, etc. you get the point right?)

So what can you expect after underwriting your file? It all depends on the severity of your hypertension but you may qualify for one of the Preferred Rate Classes. If you can show that your HBP is well controlled and compliant with your Doctors recommendations.

Just so you know how serious Hypertension can be, it not only affects your insurance premiums but your mortality read below…

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