Online Term Life Insurance how to find the best rates and quotes!

By | October 31, 2008

The internet has brought to our fingertips a wealth of resources and researching capabilities. One of them being researching, quoting and buying online term life insurance! Yes the days of having an insurance salesman come over to your home after work and interrupting your evening are officially over.

Although very convenient sometimes you might need a live person explaining some of the more confusing terms and definitions. Some people learn and retain information in differnent ways, for now let us show you a few ways to buy term life online.

Just go to google and type in life insurance or term life insurance and a number of top online agencies will pop up in the results for you. I would suggest first of all is to ask around your friends and family if they have life insurance, where did they buy it and what was there experience during the process. It may be that simple to find someone who is knowledgeable and friendly and will give you good customer service.

It may be possible that you find it difficult to find someone that you feel comfortable with to handle your life insurance needs with online though.

First check out the website and see if they have multiple carrier logos or a term life insurance companies webpage. To get the very best deal on your rates please make sure you are working with an agency with more than ten carriers they write with. Why we do this is so you have the most advantages in quality and selection, all carriers are different in the way they view your health records.

Then you might want to ask your agent many questions on their experience and how long they have been selling life insurance? Insurance is very complex in general and life insurance can very confusing it takes most really good agents years to know what carriers to work with. Not to mention all the laws, rules, regulation and policy provisions.

Third not a bad idea if your agent has advanced designations, in the Life Insurance business that would be the CLU designation. CLU stands for Chartered Life Underwriter and the people that hold this designation have gone through a series of 8 very intense courses. This designation is not easy to receive it takes a good two to three years at least for most brokers due to the amount of material they must master.

The bottom line is though make sure you feel comfortable with your agent because this is the person that you will be calling with questions and concerns. Most life insurance brokers today offer other financial services and financial advice, including investments, annuities and long term care insurance.

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