Smokers still are discriminated against for Life Insurance, But Chewers arent!

By | October 20, 2008

Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance!

You might not have know that the major life insurance carriers over the past few years have eased the underwriting restrictions quite a bit on insureds who use alternate tobacco. The carriers have decided that cigarettes have a much higher effect on your mortality over chew, cigars or pipes.

What this means to you is that it is possible to find truly affordable Alternate Tobacco Life Insurance, Term and or Permanent Life Insurance coverage that wont break the bank. Non Tobacco rate classes can be obtained now from some of the best carriers which will save you a great deal on premiums. These Rates can be so much less expensive if you compare to the smoker class that you would have received.

There are currently a few top rated life insurance carriers that offer great tobacco rates see below

  • AIG may offer at this time Preferred Smoker
  • AXA may offer at this time Preferred Tobacco
  • ING-Reliastar may offer at this time Preferred Smoker
  • John Hancock may offer at this time Standard-Non Tobacco
  • Lincoln may offer at this time Standard-Non
  • Principal may offer at this time Preferred Tobacco
  • Prudential may offer at this time Non-Smoker Plus
  • Transamerica may offer at this time Preferred Smoker

Of course these rate classes are subject to change at any time so please check with your agent or broker for the most up to date rates and quotes.

The best approach when a chewer or alternate tobacco user is looking for quality affordable and in some cases cheap term life insurance coverage is to either contact your agent or go online and do a search. If you use a local agent make sure they have access to a multi carrier brokerage general agency. The great thing about brokerage agencies is that they have up to minute access to the carriers that offer the best quote and rates. Be careful if your agent is what they call a captive agent meaning they typicall only represent one carrier you will be stuck with there tobacco guidelines.

One of the best Term Life Insurance Companies that offers great tobacco rates is Prudential they happen to be one of our favorite carriers when in regards to getting affordable coverage. This is a niche that they have carved out in the marketplace and it has worked very well for them over the past few years. It may be well worth your time to get a quote from them.

Remember be candid and upfront when applying for the coverage, if you try to lie the company will most likely find out from a urine sample they take during your paramed exam. Also the company could flat out reject your application if these choose for non candor.

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