Advantages Of Whole Life Insurance Compared To Term Life Insurance

By | November 13, 2008

Most people feel that whole life insurance is expensive than term life insurance and hence do not even take a look at it. However, whole life insurance is actually more attractively priced compared to term life insurance. Here are some reasons why.

Whole life insurance premiums are guaranteed over the life of the insurance policy. That means, as you age, the whole life insurance rates never changes. You can expect to pay the same amount every year that is guaranteed to pay cash value upon the insurance policy´s maturity.

Whole life insurance also provides better health coverage compared to term life insurance. Usually, your insurance rates will increase when you have contracted an illness or disease but for existing whole life insurance policy holders, the rates remain the same.

Even though term life insurance rates may seem cheaper at the beginning especially when you are still young, they increase as you age. If you have contracted any illness when you age, then your insurance rates will increase even more.

For whole life insurance, the rates remain the same throughout your policy. So, in the long run, you actually end up paying less for whole life insurance policy.

Most whole life insurance policies have a guaranteed cash return upon the policy being expired. Also, taxes are exempted so you do not need to pay taxes on your insurance policy.
When looking for whole life insurance, don´t be fooled by those cheap insurance premium rates. It is important to look at what are being covered particularly regarding health coverage as well as how much you can get back when the policy expires.

Some whole life insurance companies also provide additional riders for other terminal illness and diseases. These will usually increase your insurance premium rates.

Ultimately, make sure you do your research before buying any type of insurance policy.

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