Does Term Life Insurance Require A Medical Exam?

By | November 1, 2008

Okay, by now you probably know that term life insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance available. But did you know that you can acquire term life insurance without taking a medical exam?

It’s true. Basically all you’ll need to do is complete your application online and get an instant coverage decision. You can complete the entire process without leaving your computer and print out your policy instantly. Rest assured that there are no lengthy waiting periods or delays. You can get term life insurance with no exam and best of all it’s quick and easy. Just answer a few health questions and you’re done. Believe it or not you won’t even have to speak to an agent.

It gets better. Once you apply for term life insurance online and are accepted for coverage, your insurance protection begins that very same day and your premium rate is guaranteed. The cost of term life insurance is affordable, therefore, you can protect you and your family and it won’t break your budget.

The goal is to make acquiring term life insurance easy and painless. To alleviate the pain you find the lowest possible price. To make it easy you use the internet to find the lowest price and at the same time it’s the easiest way to get a quote, get a policy, get insured and you’re done in the shortest amount of time possible!

One thing you’ve got to understand is that although you will not be required to take a medical exam to acquire a term life insurance policy, you will be required to answer a series of “simple” medical questions. The answers you provide to those “simple” medical questions could possibly lead to you being required to get a medical exam.

Think about it. The insurance companies would not be in business very long if they insured everybody regardless of how healthy or how unhealthy they may be. That’s why you’ll be required to answers a series of “simple” health-related questions. The insurance companies have a set of guidelines that they’ll compare your answers too. If any “red flags” show up then the insurance company will contact you requesting further information and you may be required to take a medical exam.

The reason I wanted to explain the “no exam” rules to you is to help you quickly decide whether or not you honestly feel like you can purchase adequate insurance. Ask yourself this question. If you were the insurance company would you insure you?

I know that may sound a bit confusing but the truth is if you would not insure yourself because of bad health then you can’t honestly expect the insurance companies to insure you either.

If you are unsure about whether or not you health is to bad for insurance maybe it be to your advantage to get a physical before you start looking to buy term life insurance.

One thought on “Does Term Life Insurance Require A Medical Exam?

  1. Term Life Online

    Term life insurance with no exam does provide some benefits to consumers.

    Some people don’t mind paying more if they can purchase a life insurance policy online that starts today, instead of waiting 6-8 weeks for a policy.

    Others may not want the hassles of a medical exam.

    Still, others just don’t want to meet with an insurance agent.

    Term life with no exam is available online with coverage up to $500,000. Make sure you consider the premium, how long you need coverage, if your rates are guaranteed, and how much coverage you need. Also, check is there are any exclusions or limitations on the coverage provided.

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