How To Choose A Term Life Insurance Agent

By | November 29, 2008

Now that you have finally decided that YES you actually need to buy a new or more term life insurance, how do you choose a term life agent or broker?  I’ll give you a couple of suggestions and hints on how to find the best person to handle your new policy and what to ask.

Tips on How to Choose a Term Life Insurance Agent or Broker

Decide if you need a local insurance agent or if you feel comfortable working over the phone and online.  If you need a local person to sit face to face, look up the yellow pages or do a local search for your area.  But if you are totally comfortable working over the phone and online then do a search engine query for Term Life Insurance Quote.  You will then have to sort through the hundreds of results that come back for you.  Choose which option is more comfortable for you personally because that’s a big issue is feeling comfortable and that your broker is working for you and not a commission.

Interview your agent or broker, ask them how long have they been selling Life Insurance?  Ask if they sell other lines of insurance of focus on life only.  My opinion is find someone who specializes in Life Insurance only, they will probably be more in tuned with what the industry is currently doing at that time.  Inquire if you agent/broker has any advanced designations like CLU, ChFC, CFP.  Not that Term Life Insurance is terribly complicated but it does show they have been in the industry for a number of years and probably will be sticking around for awhile.

Make sure that your agent can sell or works with a multi-carrier brokerage agency.  What the heck is that you ask?  A brokerage agency is simply an outlet for brokers and agents to shop the market for the absolute best product and plan for your particular need.  Also if your insurance offer comes back at a different rate class or rated due to health concerns it is typically easy for them to shop your file to other carriers.  Not all insurance carrier underwriting is the same, some are more aggressive than other for certain health, lifestyle and avocation issues.  If your broker is good though he will ask you questions up front and sell you the company that will be the most appropriate if you have any issues mentioned above.

Resource and Research links from my favorite life insurance learning source:

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These tips and resource tools will in no doubt help you with your journey to navigate the confusion world of life insurance and hopefully find the right person to serve your needs.  Always remember if you are not happy with your agent or the offer you can always change at any time during the process.  You never have to accept the offer that was made to you but just make sure you are not being unreasonable.  If you have health issues it could be that offer will be the best.

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