The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

By | November 29, 2008

Although much of what you see me post here is touting Term Life Insurance let’s not forget our older beefier big brother (Whole Life Insurance).

Whole Life Insurance IMHO is used for totally different circumstances than term life, and for good reason they are two very different beasts.  You really should do some research on the benefits of whole life insurance and see if this powerful product fits into your overall planning situation.  It may and then again it may not but that is for you and your Planner, Agent or Broker to decide.

The cash value aspect of this product is really what sets it apart and if it wasn’t for cash value life insurance this country’s savings rate would be in red (which it almost is already).  In my experience this product suits people who know how to save already and are comfortable with putting it into an insurance product.

Nuff said click on the link above for a great article talking about whole life insurance.

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