What is the correct amount of life insurance to buy?

By | November 17, 2008

There is such a debate on how much life insurance do you really need?  And the debate will never end, due to the nature of different personalities on the consumer end and the sales agents as well.

There are some really cool tools to help you determine what is the correct amount, such as a life needs calculator or worksheets.  They will really help you in zeroing in on the right face amount to help protect your family or business.

In my experience most of my clients had a pretty good idea of how much life insurance they needed based off there own analysis.  Also just asking the question how much do you think you need also a very key question is “what is your premium tolerance”.  Ya hello, how much can you afford?  Sometimes you have to back in to the face amount of life insurance by how much you can afford to pay!

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