Smoker Term Life Insurance Plans-Get Better Rates

By | January 9, 2009

Is it possible that smokers life insurance plans and policies are affordable in today’s market? Unfortunately if you smoke or use some sort of tobacco product your premiums could end up twice as high as a non smoker. Don’t worry though term life insurance rates are at their lowest point in years so don’t be scared at looking into buying a new policy even at smoker rates.

Most company underwriting guidelines want to see that you have not used any form of tobacco for one year in order for you to get Non Tobacco premiums. That would typically be a Standard or Standard Plus Non Tobacco rating. If you have quit for two years up to three years then you may qualify for Preferred Rates. If you have quit for over five years you just might get the best rates possible. That is if you qualify per the carriers guidelines on all there other health categories.

If you stop using tobacco these could be your possible rate categories issued from the carrier:

  1. For Preferred Best you would need to quit smoking for at least five years:
  2. Preferred rate class possible if you stop using tobacco for three plus years:
  3. No cigarettes or tobacco 2 years or more: Possible Preferred or Standard Plus Class
  4. Standard Rate Class could be attainable withe some carriers after one year no smoking or tobacco:

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These rate classes are guides for you to review over with your agent or broker for help in determining how to quote you for accurate premiums you’ll pay. Even at smoker rate classes though you might be surprised to find how affordable the coverage still is, so get your quote anyway.

This is just a quick little guide to try and help you obtain the absolute best and most affordable smoker term life insurance quotes. Please talk to your agent or broker for help in determining the best carrier and route to pursue your new policy.

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