New ING Reliastar Indexed Universal Life Product

By | March 25, 2009
ING Reliastar Life Insurance Companycontinues to bring new, fresh and innovative product designs to the marketplace. Check out the new Index product features of this flexible planning policy.
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ING Announces New Indexed Universal Life Product
(R)(1) (subject to a maximum index credit rate cap) with protection from downside risk through a minimum interest guarantee.
  • Potential for stronger long-term surrender values
  • Fixed and indexed crediting strategies
  • Unlimited rolling targets and heaped commissions
  • Guaranteed-issue underwriting available for corporate sales
  • Waiver of surrender charge rider available for traditional premium finance cases
  • Preferred loans currently available beginning in the 11th policy year
  • A full range of key riders, including accelerated benefit rider, adjustable term insurance rider, overloan lapse protection rider, additional insured rider, waiver of specified premium rider and more.
ING Life Companies introduced a new indexed universal life insurance product, entitled ING Indexed Universal Life-CV (ING IUL-CV).

ING IUL-CV features include:

The new ING IUL-CV is a product that can work well for a range of client needs
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