How is Life Insurance used in Estate Planning

By | April 8, 2009
I’m going to be doing a little bit more concentration on the use of Life Insurance in Estate Planning. Really how long can the financial mess last, so I will need to focus on other topics. Estate Planning is at the core existence of Life Insurance. To provide liquidity for beneficiaries of the deceased. Good article below…
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Life Insurance is Essential in Estate Planning

Estate planning is how you make sure that your assets – your lifetime accumulations – pass to your heirs in a manner of your design. It’s how you make sure your family is secure, and your assets end up where you want them. It’s taking care of your family, your business – whatever is important to you.

Proper estate planning, whether through a will or some other vehicle, will make sure you, and not the state, decide where and how your assets are distributed after your death. Life insurance can give you options that make your planning an easier process. There are two basic ways in which life insurance can assist in your estate planning:

There are more advanced uses of life insurance, many of which are geared toward business owners. Some of those examples follow:

  • Credit Enhancement – Life insurance is often used to stabilize a business concern’s financial position and serves as a valuable asset to pledge as collateral.
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