Why does Life Insurance Underwriting take so long

By | April 26, 2009
Life Insurance Underwriting can be one of the longest underwriting processes in the whole insurance realm. The reason for this is due to many factors but primarily is due to the time it takes to obtain the medical records from your Doctor, read below…
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Life Insurance

In the Life Insurance Underwriting Process many applicants
get very frustrated over the fact that it can take months to
get a decision from the carrier. The reason for this is
primarily it can take a while to obtain the medical records
from your Doctor or Health Care provider. It has even got worse
with the new HIPPA laws protecting insured’s privacy, so many
Doctors now require their own HIPPA form signed by the insured
along with the carriers HIPPA or Authorization form and then
sometimes the General Agent’s own HIPPA form.

Factors that affect life insurance underwriting:

Your current health and your lifestyle can affect your
premiums health factors such as: cholesterol, blood pressure,
build (height and weight), family history of cancer and heart
disease, and driving record.

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