Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Products and Contact Information

By | May 14, 2009

Cincinnati is one of those great Regional Insurance companies that provides a multi line product portfolio for their insureds.  It’s these types of Insurance Companies that I truly love, they fly under the radar and slowly build up a great little company.  Cincinnati Life has a really great Life Insurance product lineup check them out and get a free quote…

Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Quotes

Cincinnati Life Insurance Company began in the year 1968 and is today among one of the nations top 25 property and casualty insurers. The company distributes its products through different subsidiaries to its insureds and client base.

Cincinnati Life Term Life Insurance product life consists of the LifeHorizons Termsetter and Termsetter Plus products. These products are level term products with guaranteed periods of 10 year level, 15 year level, 20 year level and the 25-30 year level plans.  The Termsetter Plus products are also guaranteed level but offer a Return of Premium feature to them.

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