How Long Term Disability Insurance Stacks Up

By | May 19, 2009

When you think about disability insurance, you have many different options to think about. First you will want to weigh the risks and benefits of having long term disability insurance. Then, you will need to pick between long term disability insurance and short term disability insurance. For those who have a dangerous job, or do not have disability insurance provided through their employer, they will then want to consider long term disability insurance.

The Benefits Of Long Term Disability Insurance

Most employers provide you with short term disability insurance for as long at you work with the company, but many neglect to offer long term disability insurance. With long term disability insurance, you will get many more benefits than with the short term coverage. Instead of getting two weeks to two years of compensation if disability occurs, you can get an extended period of disability benefits with long term disability insurance. In most cases, long term disability insurance will cover you anywhere from five years or until you turn 65 years of age. This can help anyone who has been moderately to severely disabled from an accident at home or at work. This will help to cover expenses and let a person live a relatively normal life, even if they can no longer go back to work.

The downside to long term disability insurance is that the plans are more expensive. There is also a longer benefit period. The benefit period of long term disability insurance can be anywhere from sixty days to 365 days. This means that you could be waiting up to a year before you will see any of your benefits. While this may be a frustrating thought, once you do begin to receive your benefits you will be able to get back to normal. And this is what the insurance really helps to do.

So, is this plan for you? It might be, depending on the type of coverage that you have through your work, plus the factors that put you at risk for disability. If you work in a risky job, you will want to have this extra coverage in case you can hurt on the job. Many people also find it a comfort in case they are disabled in some other way outside of the work or home. If you have dangerous hobbies, you may want to look into the benefits of this type of an insurance plan as well.

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