Mortgage Protection Leads To Success

By | May 29, 2009

Mortgage protection leads are important to any insurance agent who wants to do well in the business and who wants to offer good service to their clients.

However, not all leads are good and sometimes the agent has to work much harder to secure a closing than anticipated. This is because people can change their minds about decisions depending on their current circumstances.

Most agents know that the insurance business is a hard sell and that prospects have the concept that they can get this vital piece of resource at a later date.

It is when they are caught in awkward situations such as losing a job, becoming permanently disabled or dying do they or other family members realize how important it is to get protection.

An agent who does not use mortgae protection leadslikely has to do a good deal of cold-calling. When appointments are set, the agent has to use a personal vehicle to tread the long miles to the prospects home and there are instances where the prospect forgets the appointment and is not home.

If the client is home then the agent can educate and instruct him, yet that does not guarantee closing as a prospect must be ready to accept and decide to be protected.

Other Issues Arise
Another factor that can come into play is the current situation of that prospect. A good agent uses that circumstance yo help a prospect realize the legitimate need for insurance. With the current economy peole tensd to with draw and become risk-averse in their decision making.

The agent has the task of using that situation to let the prospect see how important it would be to have insurance and what would happen if they did not have that type of insurance.

Having leads affords an agent some flexibility, and results in handling a prospect with increaqsed confidence. The individual or family would probably have enough information to know the importance involved with insurance.

Instruct Your Prospects
An agent can make the decision to provide information to the prospect without any sales aggression or coercion. If a prospect is initially reluctant, it does not mean that the agent has to give up with closing the sale. Your prospect may require a little time to consider things. There may be a spouse involved so the agent needs to make sure that the spouse will be home when the appointment is set. Both parties have to mutually agree before the agent can complete the sale.

The mortgage protection leads allow the agent to deal with prospects that are more willing to work with and are also willing to trust the expertise of the agent.  If the agent seems to have the best interest of the prospect at heart, the prospect will give the agent the opportunity to prove that.

People prefer an insurance agent who is a straightforward individual. If the agent provides all the information including the advantageous and disadvantageous aspect of having insurance, the prospect gains reassurance and confidence in making the appropriate decision.

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