The Reasons Why People would Buy Life Insurance

By | June 22, 2009
I love articles like this that take us back to the basics of exactly why would someone buy a Life Insurance Policy. Edwin does a great job explaining some of the purposes of a Life Contract and how it may provide some financial planning sense in your life. Please check out the complete article…
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Why get life insurance

In this article, I’m going to go over the reasons behind getting life insurance, but will not get into specific types; I’m saving that for upcoming articles deliberately to not steal the shine away from the underlying reason for purchasing it.

Life insurance is primarily purchased to provide those you care about financial protection, should you pass away. Some use it to cover estate taxes or business dealings, but in this particular article, I will focus on ordinary family needs.

Who is a candidate for life insurance? Anyone who wants to sleep better at night knowing their loved ones won’t suffer financial hardship while grieving the loss of someone they cared about. It makes a bad situation more manageable, and that is the best we can do, since we can’t change reality.

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