Protect Your Company With Errors and Omissions Insurance

By | July 13, 2009

Business professionals, for example real estate agents, require error and omission protection to save them from having to pay all of the lawyer defense costs if a lawsuit comes up due to negligence in the services they gave. This insurance is separate from general liability or property insurance.

E&O insurance can also be referred to as errors and omissions insurance, or malpractice coverage. This insurance tends to be customized for experts such as designers, CPAs, real estate agents, doctors, and other medical professionals. E and O policies ought to be purchased at the start of a business and included in their initial insurance portfolio.

There is no specific criteria for errors and omissions insurance. Every situation is varied as well as it will have varied coverage needs. An insurance carrier’s agent will evaluate your business as well as what work is handled at your business’s premises and supply the right policy that can protect the needs of your company. These insurance contracts will be written based on a cases brought up and pursued premise, which simply means that any claims have to be brought up and reported inside the time that the policy was issued. Cases that come up out of the contract issue date will not be taken care of. At the time the application for a policy is is being reviewed, the insurance underwriter may decide to view your business’s quality assurance procedures, documentation practices and training programs and whether or not your company has had any previous claims.

The cost of professional liability coverage protection varies greatly from company to company. Errors and omissions coverage can cover a company from rulings, payouts, and lawyer fees and can probably save a company thousands of dollars, even if the case is found groundless.

Once errors and omissions coverage is written, the company must keep running as honestly as practical. Having E&O insurance doesn’t imply that the business can start running your business in a manner that could possibly result in a breach of contract lawsuit. The insurance is intended to protect from the unforeseen event or error which might arise.

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