Tobacco Life Insurance and Chewing Insurance Rates

By | August 29, 2009
Chewers and other alternate tobacco insurance rates and plans cans be affordable and inexpensive if you look for the right plan. Good article on the carriers and how to find these types of plans.
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You will not have know the major life insurance carriers during the last few years have eased the underwriting restrictions quite a bit on insureds who use alternate tobacco. The carriers have decided that cigarettes have a much higher effect on your mortality over gnaw, cigars or pipes.
One of the best Term life insurance companies that offers great tobacco rates is Prudential they happen to be one of our fave carriers when with reference to getting reasonable coverage. They have been awfully assertive over the last few years and offering brilliant rates and premiums for their insured’s. It may be easily worth your time to get a quote from them.
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