Depression and how to get Life Insurance

By | September 6, 2009
Great article if you have Depression and are looking for life insurance to cover your life or one that you love. Depression Life Insurance plans can be affordable if you shop the market and work with a good life insurance broker, agent or advisor, Learn how…
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Depression and
Life Insurance
Depression Life Insurance plans or mood and
anxiety disorders in this day and age are very common

life insurance
 issues.  This is due in part
primarily to the issues that could arise such as suicide,
drug or substance abuse and cardiovascular disease.  These
types of risk’s typically are higher early on in the disorder
within 2-3 years of a hospitalization or treatment
Counseling and drug or medication therapy is
the typical treatment for most insured’s with antidepressant
drugs and counseling as the most effective

As always please make sure you are working with
a qualified advisor or life insurance broker to help you
navigate the carriers for the best rates.  Life insurance
underwriting changes and they should be able to help you obtain
the best rates. 

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