Asthma Life Insurance rates and plans

By | November 25, 2009

If you are an Asthmatic and currently are in the market to find and buy the best most affordable term life insurance policy, then you may want to read the following article.  The key is providing as much information upfront to your agent or broker so they may shop the life carriers and working with a good brokerage agency.  Unless you have chronic and persistent asthma you should be able to find a plan that fits into your budget.  Read the article below and click on the link to find out the information you need to provide your agent.

Asthma Life Insurance

Asthma Life Insurance Underwriting can become difficult depending on the severity of the condition.
Some Asthmatic’s can develop scarring of the lungs which could possibly cause pulmonary function test’s to become abnormal as well as chest x-rays.
Usually someone with Mild Asthma does not require daily medications but Persistent or Chronic Asthmatic’s most likely will be prescribed daily medications.

  • Mild Asthma: 
  • Less than 2 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, oral medication “no steroids. Possible to obtain Standard Life Rates.
  • Moderate Asthma:
  • Less than 4 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, injections of epinephrine “possibly” and oral medications.  Possible to get Standard to table 2 life insurance rates.
  • Moderately Severe:
  • Less than 5 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, injections of adrenaline “possibly”, oral medications and possibly an oral steroid boost.  Possible to obtain table 2 to table 8 life insurance rates.
  • Severe:
  • If you have diagnosed Severe Asthma it is most likely a decline life insurance application.  Most likely a decline per underwriting guidelines.

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