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By | January 24, 2010
ING Life Insurance USA, the information below is direct from the ING Life USA website. Please use the information with the links below to research some of there products and services. ING is still a top carrier in the term life insurance marketplace and they do have permanent and variable products.
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Some people want to make sure their family will be well taken care of if they die.. Some want to set up their estate to try to minimize their tax burden and make sure more of what they’ve earned goes to their heirs. And there are still others who use life insurance to help them buy out a business partner or to provide additional executive benefits for key employees.
Regardless of why someone may come to us for help, we have a product designed to fit exactly what they’re looking for. We’d like to tell you a little about the different types of insurance we offer and some of the ways you can use our products to round out your financial plan.
We also have information for you about using Life Insurance for:
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