The Different Types of Term Life Insurance Policies

By | January 18, 2010
There are a number of specific types of Term Life Insurance policies that are designed to perform very distinct functions. This article should help you in determining which policy is the one that you should possibly look at for your particular situation.
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Term Life Insurance

Truly there are about four types of term life policies that
you choose from the most popular is probably the
level term life insurance
 policy. Then the emergence
of a product called that actually gives you back your premium
which is called
return of premium life insurance
. Followed by a couple of
plans that are not purchased as much these days as they had
been in the past most because of mortality expense and carrier
Annual renewable term life insurance
 and last but not
decreasing term life insurance
 otherwise called
mortgage life.

Remember what term life insurance does, it covers you for a
specified period of time. This can be a long term like a

30 year term life insurance policy
 to cover a mortgage
or a very short term say one to five years to cover a business
need or loan.
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