Understanding The Nuances Of The Life Insurance Selling Techniques

By | February 25, 2010

Selling life insurance policies is not easy these days. Buyers these days have many choices because there are so many life insurance companies. Surviving this cutthroat competition is very important. As an insurance agent or as an owner of an insurance agency, you will have to be on the lookout for better ways to get the buyer buy your life insurance product. These days most insurance agencies use outdated techniques of marketing such as sending mailers to unidentified people, call up complete strangers and ask them to meet up with them.

It can be an exercise in frustration for insurance agents to follow up with unwilling customers until they reach a dead end and no further progress is possible with the sale of insurance. To get a buyer to listen to the deal and take it up seriously, it requires a whole new approach to be adopted on the part of insurance sellers which involves offering better term life insurance prices and useful features for customers to be able to make the most of it.

There are few irrefutable ways of increase the life insurance sales. First, you must know what business you are in. Most life insurance agents and insurance advisors fail to close calls because they don’t handle the questions related to the insurance business properly. By having the best knowledge of the market and the life insurance domain will surely help you a lot. Sound knowledge about the insurance domain builds your confidence of tackling objections in a sales call. Do a good research related to the basics of life insurance and gain all the knowledge that you need.

You must be able to articulate your life insurance business in a way that it intrigues prospects. You must focus on producing outcomes, results, and solutions and not products or services. You must effectively market yourself to produce qualified prospects. You may have to build life time relationships starting with the very first point of connection or communication. Very importantly, you must position yourself as an expert of the insurance domain rather than a sales person of the insurance domain.

Any insurance agent is required to keep up with the trends of his trade to make an effective sales pitch with the consumer. It would do them a world of good to keep refining their marketing skills and find newer ways to get in the mind of the buyer. If a professional insurance seller is not well-equipped with knowledge, confidence and open-minded approach to understand the concerns of the consumer, he may not be able to use his ability effectively enough to reach a mutually profitable proposition.

If the buyer has a specific need to seek, say lifetime cover you can suggest the whole life option with its various forms and suggest its advantages and disadvantages and if you are essentially selling term life then upholding its cause against whole life option for good. It gives the consumer an idea that you are not simply selling your policy, but are ready to facilitate the process of knowing and buying insurance better as a whole. In case of short term insurance needs, you can offer attractive term life insurance prices along with other useful features to convince the consumer effectively.

You should be able to make the consumer feel at ease in your presence which can go a long way towards shaping up a customer relationship worth looking forward to. You can get some decent referrals from good customers which can further enhance your business prospects in an effective manner. Referrals usually come from a satisfied customer, which can assure you of your success with him and build up your confidence for future engagements. If you keep up with the good work, it should not be long before repeat business comes knocking at your door.

If you are a professional insurance seller, getting that additional certification may only serve to enhance your confidence levels and your customers’ trust in you. Upcoming professional would do well to seek expert advice on matters of concern and make the most of it for themselves. Getting complete knowledge of procedures and documentation along with some hands on experience of selling insurance sets your feet firmly on the professional insurance sales turf.

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