What are the different types of life insurance

By | March 9, 2010
What are the types of life insurance policies that you could choose from when your looking for a plan. There are a number of different types depending on what your trying to accomplish. Check out the article below and learn more about these products.
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Types of Life Insurance!

The first types of life insurance that we will discuss
briefly and then you can find out more by clicking on the link
senior life insurance
 which is basically for seniors
and the elderly.  It can be a small funeral expense type
policy, term life or of an estate planning need where you would
desire a
survivorship life insurance policy

Worried about burdening your loved ones with a hefty
mortgage? Homeowners and families have an option called

mortgage life insurance
. This is basically a term life
or possibly a permanent life policy that would pay off the
mortgage or loan if the primary breadwinner were to meet an
untimely death.

If you are a smoker or tobacco user of any kind, you will
need to look into buying a
smoker life insurance
Well, you can qualify to
get a
life insurance no medical exam
policy, but know that
your premiums will be substantially higher than
someone who gets a medical exam and goes through the
underwriting process.
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