30yr Term Life Insurance Plans & Policies

By | April 3, 2010
Guaranteed Term Life Insurance plans can be guaranteed for as long as a 30yr term period. This type of plan works great if you are young and if you have a mortgage that you want to insure in case of death. Check out the article below to get more information on these types of plans.
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30 Year Term Life

Currently a 30 yr term life insurance policy is the longest
term length available to purchase with most life insurance
carriers. Although AIG or American General has a select a term
product out right now that will allow you to select either a
31,32,33,34 up to a 35 year term plan. Simply amazing that you
can be able to get term rates and coverage for that time period
with term like rates!

30 year term plans have been very popular with the mortgage
life agents and buyers, you can actually put a policy in force
for the life of your mortgage. This policy will pay off the
debt left on the outstanding balance and if you have held the
insurance for a number of years you should have monies left
over to help with other debt or to invest.

30,20,15,10,5 year term, How do I choose?

Benefits of 30 year level term life
  • Renewable to age 80 without evidence of insure
  • Amounts are available from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and
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