Cost’s that affect Life Insurance Premiums

By | July 27, 2010
Good article that walks through some of the issues that would affect the premium cost’s of a life insurance policy.
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Life Insurance Costs And The Factors That Raise Premiums

Life insurance costs vary on a few determining factors that companies believe are tied to mortality. Applicants that are free from high risk factors almost always receive low premiums with high potential payouts. These factors should be known by applicants trying to negotiate the best rates when it comes to life insurance costs.

Medical history or current illness is a factor that directly affects life insurance costs. Insurance companies will look at past illness to see if there may be any recurring medical issues. Obviously someone with a minimal medical history would qualify for lower life insurance costs.

There are more factors that some companies will consider when determining life insurance costs but it will depend on the company and the amount of insurance an applicant is applying for.

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