Rates for Tobacco and Smokers Life Insurance

By | January 28, 2011

I think everyone knows at this point that if you smoke cigarettes or use tobacco either smokeless, pipe and cigar that you could end up paying more for your life insurance rates and premiums.

Tobacco Life Insurance plans still can be affordable and within your budget depending on the carrier that you end up using for your policy.  Also consider reducing the term length of the contract to help lower the premiums. Example if you were looking at a 30 year term life plan you may want to consider a 25 year term life or a 20 year term life policy to keep the premiums within your budget.

Life Insurance for Smokers: What Should I Consider?

freelifeinsurancequotesonline.org Life insurance for smokers can be a very time-consuming task to look for and buy, especially if you consume tobacco products on a regular basis. However, do not leave here dismayed, because even if you have (or still…

Above is a video talking about some of the issues around tobacco-smokers and life insurance premiums.

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