Renters Insurance Boise Idaho – Is it worth the cost?

By | December 2, 2011
Just a quick little post about a very often overlooked but important type of coverage. Renters Insurance can help protect your personal belongings while with most carriers also giving you liability and guest medical coverage, in case something happens. Plans are often very affordable as well ranging from 75.00 to 200.00 annually depending on your coverage amounts.

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Renters Insurance

Your property isn’t any less valuable when you rent. That’s our stand. And if you’ve got as much stuff as the average renter, then it’s worth over $30,000. Take into account your clothes, books, CDs, stereo system, TV, jewelry and other valuables you might have.

If Anything Happens, Will Your Landlord Take Care of You?
You may also be surprised to learn that your landlord is not necessarily responsible for any damages to your personal property if there’s a fire, flood, vandalism or burglary. And, even if someone’s injured in your apartment, you may be liable for their damages, not your landlord. 

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