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Hello, I have been in the Life Insurance business for over 10 years now helping other brokers and agents as well as my clients with their life insurance needs. Interestingly by accident I have worked in the Substandard or Impaired Risk realm for most of my career. Hopefully I can help answer your questions about life insurance or guide you to the proper resource.

Business Life Insurance – Uses and Applications

Business life insurance


It your business it your business keep going, who would you want your next business partner to be?


Business goes on even when the owner dies or becomes disabled. If and when a business owner dies or becomes disabled the business itself may face several problems that if not handled or properly structured could lead to potential conflicts with personnel and business owners. Along with limited growth and financial instability some of those problems or issues that might arise could include.


·                     The business interest or share passing to the deceased owners heirs


·                     The heirs selling the business interest to an outsider or possibly even a competitor in the same industry


·                     The heirs possibly attempting to take an active role in the management of the company without the proper skills and knowledge to do so


·                     Your new co-owners not sharing current management’s philosophy or the previous long-term strategies of the prior owner



How to keep the business in the right hands and the way to you truly intend it to!


No one can ever predict all of the financial and managerial conflicts that possibly could occur when a business owner dies or passes away. But by planning a secure and thought-out transfer of your business interest you could possibly avoid or control most problems that typically arise in these scenarios. One of the most common tools to make a plan and thought-out transfer of a business is a buy sell agreement. A proper and thought-out drafted agreement can help it business owner with the following.


·                     Make the owners heirs sell the business interest to the surviving owners of the business


·                     Help establish a way to determine the value of the deceased owners of business interest


·                     Help create and establish a smooth transition of management and control to the new owners


·                     Help prevent an outsider or competitor from acquiring the business interest of the deceased owners


·                     Allow the business to continue as a going concern without a forced sale of assets or property


·                     Help the business creditors feel more secure that the new owner will survive at the owner’s death


·                     Helps establish an estate value for the deceased owners business interest


·                     The deceased owners family will not have the worry of running a business and now with funds to help supplement their interest


·                     Helps provide liquidity to deceased owners estate to pay taxes and estate costs


You could find a buy sell agreement with life insurance


but in order for a buy sell agreement to work the business or surviving owner really needs to have the money to fund the life insurance policy. You see a life insurance policy can help guarantee that the necessary money or dollars will and can be available at the precise time when they are needed. Funding a buy sell agreement with life insurance really does have a number of great advantages that will discuss now.


·                     Life insurance can be one of the most cost-effective and economic ways to help fund a buy sell agreement


·                     Typically the death benefit proceeds will not be subject to income tax due to the life insurance regulations and laws


·                     If it’s a permanent policy the cash value can help find the buyout of an owner due to disability death or retirement


·                     Last but not least life insurance constraints and the credit position of the business





Diabetes Life Insurance

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ING Term Life Insurance

Renters Insurance Boise Idaho – Is it worth the cost?

Just a quick little post about a very often overlooked but important type of coverage. Renters Insurance can help protect your personal belongings while with most carriers also giving you liability and guest medical coverage, in case something happens. Plans are often very affordable as well ranging from 75.00 to 200.00 annually depending on your coverage amounts.

Car Insurance Boise
Home Insurance Boise

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Renters Insurance

Your property isn’t any less valuable when you rent. That’s our stand. And if you’ve got as much stuff as the average renter, then it’s worth over $30,000. Take into account your clothes, books, CDs, stereo system, TV, jewelry and other valuables you might have.

If Anything Happens, Will Your Landlord Take Care of You?
You may also be surprised to learn that your landlord is not necessarily responsible for any damages to your personal property if there’s a fire, flood, vandalism or burglary. And, even if someone’s injured in your apartment, you may be liable for their damages, not your landlord. 

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Boise Idaho Good Hands Roadside Assistance from Allstate!

Great news Idaho residents Allstate is rolling out a very innovative roadside assistance platform for any consumer! You don’t have to be an Allstate customer to enjoy the benefits of this service from one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Check out the article below and I will be posting my own review here soon…
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AAA better watch out. Allstate is making moves to become the most recognized
name in the national roadside

The Good Hands® Roadside Assistance program will cover you against any of the
following road hazards:

• Towing
• Tire Changes

Jump Starts

• Lockouts
• Refueling

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The Good Hands® Roadside Assistance program is free to
join and pay as you go, which is unique from their other roadside assistance

You can join online by filling out a simple form, or by contacting Allstate

And you only pay for the services if and when you need them.

Oh yeah, and you don’t need to be an Allstate customer to get on board with
this one (just like the Allstate Motor Club program).

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Different Types of Life Insurance and Resources

Really nice article on the different types of life insurance and how you might look at the coverage for your particular situation. Check out the information and let me know what you think and if this type of information helps when making planning decisions.
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Term Life Insurance Information, Resources and Guides

The decision to buy life insurance is an important one; because let’s be honest, when faced with mounting financial obligations shelling out hard earned money for life insurance coverage isn’t at the top of our list. Term life insurance is the one insurance everyone hates to buy, but everyone will need. You know the old saying there two things in life that are certain, death and taxes.

Hopefully you will find the information and resources that I post here on my lens to be of value when trying to decide on the best possible Term Life Carrier or plan and policy. Please use this information as a guide and always make sure you speak with a properly licensed and trained Insurance or Financial Advisor when implementing a life insurance policy or strategy when planning for your families or businesses future.

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Universal Life Insurance as a Retirement Investment Vehicle?

Great article by CNN Money about wether or not Life Insurance can be a good investment vehicle. This argument has gone on for years and there will never be a concensus on if it is or not. Do your homework and make sure you feel comfortable with your options.
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When an adviser pitches universal life
Insurance is crucial for most families – but not as a retirement savings plan.

NEW YORK (Money) — My husband and I are in our 30s and have retirement plans through our employers. We’ve been working with an insurance agent who wants my husband to forego funding his 401(k) plan, which doesn’t offer company matching funds, and instead invest for retirement through a universal life policy.

The idea is that once we reach age 60 we’ll begin making withdrawals from the policy’s cash value. Does this seem like a good way to plan for retirement?

First, if your husband follows the agent’s advice of doing the life insurance policy instead of the 401(k), you and your hubby are giving up a very nice tax break – namely, the money you contribute to the 401(k) isn’t taxed until you withdraw it. The life insurance policy offers no such upfront break. So on that basis alone, I’d say the 401(k) is the better deal.

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Boise Idaho Insurance for Auto, Home and Life Insurance

Free no obligation review of your current Auto/Car Insurance Homeowners and Life Insurance policies.
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Christopher Antrim

As an Allstate Agent in Boise, I know many local families. My knowledge and understanding of the people in this community help me provide…

Get a Quote

You can get an online quote in minutes, but the best choice for insurance is an informed choice. Call me. I can
help you with your insurance or
financial services needs.


Not sure if you have the insurance coverage you need?  You’re not alone..  I can help.

From insurance to financial services, learn more about the Allstate products that may be right for you. 

Only an Allstate agent can give you a fast, free Good Hands Coverage Checkup.  You’ll see what coverage you may need and what discounts you deserve. Are you saving all you can?

Please contact my agency today for more information.

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Top Life Insurance written premium in Colorado

Interesting article shows the top Life Insurers in the State of Colorado and how much written premium for the prior year.
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Top of the List: Life insurers

Every Friday in “Top of the List,” highlights one of our exclusive lists that appear in the print edition of the Denver Business Journal. The weekly lists rank Colorado businesses and other entities in a host of categories, from law firms to lenders.

And the lists are compiled each year in our annual Book of Lists, which is sent to subscribers and is available for purchase as a desk reference or in digital format.

Colorado-Licensed Life Insurance Companies

Ranked by direct-written premiums.

1. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., Milwaukee (160,652 direct-written premiums).

2. State Farm Life Insurance Co., Bloomington, Ill. (72,328 direct-written premiums).

3. John Hancock Life Insurance Co. USA, Boston (66,806 direct-written premiums).

4. New York Life Insurance Co., New York (62,685 direct-written premiums).

5. Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., Greensboro, N.C. (57,651 direct-written premiums).

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Rates for Tobacco and Smokers Life Insurance

I think everyone knows at this point that if you smoke cigarettes or use tobacco either smokeless, pipe and cigar that you could end up paying more for your life insurance rates and premiums.

Tobacco Life Insurance plans still can be affordable and within your budget depending on the carrier that you end up using for your policy.  Also consider reducing the term length of the contract to help lower the premiums. Example if you were looking at a 30 year term life plan you may want to consider a 25 year term life or a 20 year term life policy to keep the premiums within your budget.

Life Insurance for Smokers: What Should I Consider? Life insurance for smokers can be a very time-consuming task to look for and buy, especially if you consume tobacco products on a regular basis. However, do not leave here dismayed, because even if you have (or still…

Above is a video talking about some of the issues around tobacco-smokers and life insurance premiums.

Estate Planning with Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be an integral part of the estate planning process.  The video below gives you some pointers and tips on the uses of life insurance for estate planning purposes…

The Link Between Estate Planning and Life Insurance

NAIFA President Terry Headley on the use of life insurance for estate planning, particularly for the rich.

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Genworth Life Insurance Updates

Some updates regarding one of the better term life insurance carriers around Genworth Life Insurance Company.

NAILBA 29: Genworth Eyes Indexed Annuity Market – Distribution

Genworth Financial Inc. may introduce an indexed annuity in 2011 — and a long term care insurance policy with an embedded wellness feature.

Wendy Boglioli and Lauren Young on Women and Long Term Care

Wendy and Lauren discuss women’s evolving roles in long term care and caregiving.

Genworth Life Insurance Company Increasing Fixed Annuity Rates! :

By mikewalls1 at 12/02/2010 15:02

Genworth Repays Outstanding Debt – Analyst Blog

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Genworth financial offers a variety of products to customers in areas such as life insurance and lifestyle protection, long-term care insurance, annuities, asset management and mortgage insurance through …