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Hello, I have been in the Life Insurance business for over 10 years now helping other brokers and agents as well as my clients with their life insurance needs. Interestingly by accident I have worked in the Substandard or Impaired Risk realm for most of my career. Hopefully I can help answer your questions about life insurance or guide you to the proper resource.

ING TermSmart 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Tobacco Guidelines

ING Reliastar Term Life Insurance continues to be a top term life carrier in the nation with their TermSmart term life portfolio.  I have put together their tobacco guideline’s below for your review.  Even at tobacco rates ING could still be a very competitive option for you and your term life needs.

Tobacco Life Insurance Definitions for ING TermSmart 10,15,20,25 & 30 year term products:

Super Preferred No Tobacco: (SPNT)
A person who has not used tobacco or nicotine products in any form within the past five years, who is in excellent health and meets the criteria.

Preferred No Tobacco: (PNT)
A person who has not used tobacco or nicotine products in any form within the past three years, and who meets the criteria.

Select No Tobacco: (SeNT)
A person who has not used tobacco or nicotine products in any form within the past two years, and who meets the criteria.

Standard No Tobacco: (SNT)
A nonsmoker who does not qualify for Preferred No Tobacco and does not have a ratable impairment and has used no tobacco or nicotine products in any form within the past one year.

Preferred Tobacco: (PT)
A user of tobacco (less than two packs of cigarettes per day) or nicotine within the past three years that meets all the other criteria as a Preferred No Tobacco.

Standard Tobacco: (ST)
A tobacco user or nicotine user who does not qualify for Preferred Tobacco rates and does not have a ratable impairment.

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Life Insurance Carriers for Diabetes

If you or someone you know has Diabetes and are currently shopping the Insurance Marketplace to find the most affordable term life insurance coverage you may find the links below useful.  While having Diabetes does not automatically make you ineligible to purchase life insurance with most carriers, you will want to know which carriers are more liberal or lenient in life insurance underwriting these types of health issues.  The Life Insurance Carriers below are some of the best in the industry that when it comes to health and avocation issues in underwriting, please click on the links below for more information pertaining to each carrier.

Term Life Insurance Companies

Lifeinsurance-pros top recommended Term Life Insurance companies!

Boise Idaho Life Insurance

How to find the best term life insurance rates, plans and carriers if you live in Boise Idaho or the surrounding area’s. Check out the life insurance article below to help with the search.
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Idaho Term Life Insurance

Boise Term Life Quotes

Term Life Insurance Quotes in Boise Idaho are not asbothersome as you think. A Term Life Insurance quote comparison is very easy and accessible to obtain virtually anywhere on the world wide web. There are a couple of different avenues to obtain you free term life comparison which we’ll describe below. When looking for Boise Idaho Life Insurance you might also want to look around for the following cites as well, Meridian Idaho, Eagle Idaho, Nampa Idaho, Caldwell Idaho and Twin Falls Idaho. The above mentioned Idaho cities are the largest cities in Idaho so you will have a better opportunity to work with much more experienced agents and brokers, not that you cant find one in a smaller town. We have heard good things about the following site helping Idaho insureds find affordable life and health insurance Boise Idaho Life Insurance.

Here is another great informational resource for Idaho Life Insurance quotes, rates and plans.

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Cost’s that affect Life Insurance Premiums

Good article that walks through some of the issues that would affect the premium cost’s of a life insurance policy.
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Life Insurance Costs And The Factors That Raise Premiums

Life insurance costs vary on a few determining factors that companies believe are tied to mortality. Applicants that are free from high risk factors almost always receive low premiums with high potential payouts. These factors should be known by applicants trying to negotiate the best rates when it comes to life insurance costs.

Medical history or current illness is a factor that directly affects life insurance costs. Insurance companies will look at past illness to see if there may be any recurring medical issues. Obviously someone with a minimal medical history would qualify for lower life insurance costs.

There are more factors that some companies will consider when determining life insurance costs but it will depend on the company and the amount of insurance an applicant is applying for.

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Finding Term Life Insurance Quotes in Boise Idaho

If you are searching for a Term Life Insurance policy to put into place sometimes it can be difficult to know who to work with in your local community.  There are a number of different online resources and that may be just fine for you to work with when searching the net for the best plan.  Sometimes though it’s nice working with a company that actually is local or at least in your State. 

A number of these online companies do receive your information and have local agents work with you to help implement a Life Insurance solution. Check out the following page about Boise Idaho Term life Insurance.

Boise Idaho Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance in Boise Idaho and the other major Idaho cities. Finding the best most affordable term life rates, quotes and free comparisons right here in the State of Idaho’s Capital City Boise Idaho.

Helpful Resources and Links:

Idaho Insurance Website:

Idaho Department of Insurance:

Directory of Boise: Find all you need to know about Boise Business and events.

 The greater Boise Valley is comprised of eight fast-growing communities: Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Emmett, Kuna, Meridian, Nampa & Star.
 Total Population within a 45-minute draw area: 615,528
 Average Age: 33.1 years
 Average Commute Time: 20.2 minutes

How to Find Term Life Insurance in Your State

Does it matter what State you live in when your shopping for Term Life Insurance Policies? Well it may or it may not, the important thing is to remember that you need to shop around for the best rates and quotes with free comparisons. Also working with a good Life Insurance Broker is vitally important. Check out the link below and find the resources that will help you in your search.
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Life Insurance Your State

Find Term Life
in the State that you live in for local Agents to
help service your policy. Below please visit the links to your
State for Term Life Insurance Quotes and Rates, also you can
click on the City link that you live in as well. If your
particular City is not listed please click on the nearest City
that is listed to your home town.

Idaho Term Life

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ING USA and Firm Ratings

ING USA one of the largest Insurance Companies gets new ratings from A.M. Best. Please click on the link below to take you to the article direct.
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A.M. Best Affirms Ratings of the Key Life Insurance Entities of ING USA

OLDWICK, N.J., Jun 11, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) –
A.M. Best Co. affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of A
(Excellent) and the issuer credit ratings (ICR) of “a+” of the key life
insurance entities of the U.S. operations of ING Groep N.V. (ING)
(Netherlands) [NYSE: ING], collectively known as ING USA (Atlanta,
GA). Concurrently, A.M. Best has affirmed the debt ratings of “a+” on
the two funding agreement-backed securities programs sponsored by ING
USA and the notes issued thereunder. The outlook for the FSR has been
revised to stable from negative, while the outlook for the ICRs and debt
ratings is negative. (See below for a detailed listing of companies and

The FSR of A (Excellent) and ICRs of “a+” have been affirmed for the
following ING USA life/health insurance entities:

ING Life Insurance and Annuity Company

ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Life Insurance Policies

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Have you ever wondered if you have RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis if it were possible for you to actually get a term life insurance or other type of life policy?  The short answer is maybe “it depends” on a couple of key issues.  First, what medications you are taking to control the disease, how long you have been diagnosed and if it limits your function-ability.  Find out more from our article below and request your free term life insurance quote.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Life Insurance

Can you still find and qualify for Life Insurance even if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? The answer is yes you can but it depends… Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA for short is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect the connective tissues in your joints all over your body.  It typically manifests itself in people over age 30 to 50 but can be diagnosed at any age.  Women are more acceptable to the disease more than men as well.

How do you know if you have RA, symptoms may include:

  • Stiffness in the morning
    Multiple joint arthritis i.e.-both hands or feet
    Rheumatoid Nodules – nodules under the skin
    Positive blood tests or Rheumatoid Factors from blood screens
    X-rays of the joints, can also detect RA

Hopefully you have found this information useful and it can help you in your search for quality affordable term life coverage.  As always please feel free to send us a note with any questions.

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United of Omaha Term Life Insurance

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United of Omaha Term Life Insurance has a really great term life product portfolio.  As we all know Mutual of Omaha has been around for decades and is remembered by a good number of us from their famous Wild Kingdom show in the seventies and eighties.  The Company has grown up and is prominent in the Life Insurance market as well as Annuities and Long Term Care. Read below…

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company Quotes

United of Omaha has a great Term Life Insurance portfolio of products as well as Annuities and Long Term Care products.

The Term Life product lineup consists of their Term Life Answers products where they sell a 10 year level, 15 year level, 20 year level and 30 year level policies.

Current Ratings: Please always check the company homepage for up to date ratings from the ratings agencies.

Please visit the United of Omaha website for more information about their products and plans to see if appropriate for your planning needs.

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Banner Term Life Insurance Quotes and Rates

Banner Term Life Insurance Quotes continue to be some of the most affordable term life plans in the marketplace. They seem to be continually competitive in the pricing structure of their products with good underwriting that is fair compared to other carriers.

Like other term life carriers they have their niche in the market and it they seem to focus on the term life products, but have brought to the market good permanent Universal Life plans here in the last couple of years. 

If looking for affordable term life plans Banner Life may be a good choice to compare with other carriers. Speak with your advisor or life broker and get comparable quotes.

Banner Life Insurance

Banner life insurance company’s products are sold through independent life brokerage agencies or managing general agencies in 48 states and the District of Columbia.
Banner Life Company Financial Information

 Banner Life Insurance Company
1701 Research Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland 20850