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Life Insurance Donation Scam?

I have read this article about five times and still have a hard time figuring out what was going on here.  Some sort of Life Insurance gifting donation program and it looks like the poor folks might have got taken, you decide… UNI ends insurance-for-donation program — CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The University of […]

John Hancock Life Insurance rolls out new Universal Life Product

John Hancock Life Insurance continues to be one of the premier life carriers in the industry today.  They are continually improving upon their permanent product portfolio to be even more competitive in the marketplace.  We continually to applaud John Hancock with their contribution to our industry and with in our opinion some of the best […]

Could Life Insurance Carriers be the next Industry in Trouble?

Are Life Insurance Companies Next To Fall? There has been some talk about the Life Insurance carriers the next financial sector to see some trouble due to the economic downturn.  This is a very informative article on the topic which describes what could possibly happen… As we watch banks fail and beg for government aid, […]

Loosening the Reserving Requirements for Life Insurance Companies

US insurance regulators recommend capital changes US insurance regulators recommend capital changes | Deals | Regulatory News | Reuters Due to the Financial Market collapse and the current credit crunch, if Life Insurers do not get financial capital requirements loosened it could make the carriers look weaker then they really are.  In a previous post […]

Life Insurance Companies Lobbying for Lower Reservering Requirements

Life Insurers Seek Lower Cash Cushions – The current economic collapse is knocking on the door of the life insurance industry.   The powerful industry group ACLI “American Council of Life Insurers” is pushing regulators to let them operate without having to reserve so much to basically make sure claims are covered.  Two thoughts here, […]

Life Insurance Carriers receiving TARP Bailout Funds

Hartford Financial, Lincoln National Receive Thrift Charters Hartford and Lincoln have now received thrift charters which makes them eligible for the bailout TARP funds.  Life Insurance carriers have typically been very conservative on their investment philosophies.  But due to guarantees on Annuity and Life Insurance contracts they may have over extended themselves.  AXA and Pacific […]