Asthma Life Insurance

Asthma Life Insurance 

Asthma which is described as the shortness of breath and a wheezing effect due to the narrowing of the lungs smaller airways and then make breathing difficult.  Typically the medical profession indicates the cause is in part to an allergic reaction.  

Asthma Life Insurance Underwriting can become difficult depending on the severity of the condition.  Some Asthmatic’s can develop scarring of the lungs which could possibly cause pulmonary function test’s to become abnormal as well as chest x-rays.  In this case a treatment plan with a Dr. is very important for the life insurance underwriters to see you are in good compliance with in order to get a more favorable offer. 

Usually someone with Mild Asthma does not require daily medications but Persistent or Chronic Asthmatic’s most likely will be prescribed daily medications.

Possible Underwriting for Life Insurance Asthmatic’s:

  • Mild Asthma: 
  • Less than 2 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, oral medication “no steroids. Possible to obtain Standard Life Rates.
  • Moderate Asthma:
  • Less than 4 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, injections of epinephrine “possibly” and oral medications.  Possible to get Standard to table 2 life insurance rates.
  • Moderately Severe:
  • Less than 5 episodes per year, therapy could include inhalers, injections of adrenaline “possibly”, oral medications and possibly an oral steroid boost.  Possible to obtain table 2 to table 8 life insurance rates.
  • Severe:
  • If you have diagnosed Severe Asthma it is most likely a decline life insurance application.  Most likely a decline per underwriting guidelines.

This is just a guide, you must consult with a professional advisor or broker or the life underwriters to determine if your application may be considered.

Questions to prepare in order to obtain a tentative Asthma Life Insurance Quote:

  • 1.)  Male or Female with Age:
  • 2.)  Date of diagnosis:
  • 3.)  Have you ever been hospitalized for your Asthma, with details for your agent:
  • 4.)  Do you currently smoke:
  • 5.)  How many Asthmatic episodes in the past two years that required medical attention or a visit to the Dr. or ER:
  • 6.)  What medications do you currently take for the asthma, inhaler or oral medications, how often and what dosage:
  • 7.)  Have you had any pulmonary test’s completed and the results, date of last test:
  • 8.)  Any other major health issues or respiratory complications:
  • 9.)  Any abnormal x-ray’s or other tests:

Remember the more information you can supply up front and give to your agent or broker the quicker response and more accurate tentative term life insurance quote they may supply you for your consideration.