Heart Attack Life Insurance

Heart Attack Life Insurance!

Heart Disease is still the number one killer in the US so when you got to apply for a term life insurance or a permanent whole life plan you most likely will be rated with a table rating.  It may be possible depending on your recovery, age, medications and follow up with your Dr. to get a Standard rate class offer which means your premiums are cheaper than a tabel rated policy. If you do get a Rated Life Insurance offer please talk to your broker so they can shop it out to the market for you immediately.

Below we have listed a number of questions you must provide to your life insurance agent or broker so they may shop or get tentative offers from the carriers home office underwriting staff. Remember to tell your agent or us about other factors like how you take extra care of yourself or you are jogging and excerising regularly.  This type of information can help us build a case for you to look more favorable in the eyes of the underwriters.

1.)  Date of the Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarction.
It may be possible to obtain a policy after 3 to 6 months if the heart attack was not that severe

2.)  Do you smoke?  If you quit when did you quit and what did you smoke, cigarettes-pipe-cigar?  If you still smoke after suffering a Heart Attack it might be really tough to obtain coverage on your life

3.)  What was the treatment you received and your current medication?  What the underwriters want to know here is, did you have Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery or other treatments plus what medications are you still on.

5.) Date of your last EKG or Treadmill test? 
Results of last EKG or Treadmill, your answer should be normal or positive if they dont come back normal your policy could be declined or rated to where the premiums are just to expensive.

7.)  Any chest pain or other issues since the heart attack?
This could result in a declination if the answer is yes

Can I buy a life insurance policy if I have had a heart attack?

So please be hones and upfront with these questions because if you go into underwriting they will find out all the information they need through your Doctors notes and records.  If you know up front what to expect you can plan accordingly and know how much your policy may cost you.

We work on Heart Attack cases all the time and are highly experienced to help you find the most affordable, cheapest term life insurance quotes, rates and premiums so you can take care of and protect your family loved ones and or your business.  Dont be scared thinking that you can never afford to pay for the policy, over the last few years rates have come down dramatically.  Also with the advanced medical procedures and medications avaiable having a heart attack is not necesarilly a death sentence or at least it doesnt have to be.