Hepatitis C Life Insurance

Hepatitis C Life Insurance

Hep C Life Insurance or Hepatitis C is the inflammation of the liver due to a virus infection called the HCV virus.  Before the virus is detected they call this Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.  Hep C is a fairly common infection with approximately 6% of the U.S. population affected with the ailment. 

A good percentage sometimes as high as 15% can and will have a spontaneous recovery from the infection and no virus found in their blood.  But the remaining could have or end up with chronic hepatitis. One of the bigger life insurance underwriting concerns is that chronic Hep C can lead to cirrhosis and eventually lead to liver cancer in the future.  This is why Hepatitis C can and in the chronic cases will lead to most likely a decline when it comes to life insurance underwriting. In order for the underwriters to even consider the insured for Life Insurance they must either have a mild case or have been cured from the infection.

Hepatitis C is mainly spread through blood transmission such as intravenous drug use, piercing, tattooing, transfusion’s prior to 1992 to name a few. Blood test that show elevated liver levels is often the first sign of hepatitis C.

Below are some of the blood test’s performed to detect and measure the severity of the infection:

  • Anti-HCV test – antibody test for hepatitis C virus
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – measures genetic material of HCV
  • Non-invasive imaging tests include:
    • CT scans – provide anatomic information such as size and shape


    • – provide similar information
  • Invasive testing includes:
    • Liver biopsy – a piece of liver is examined for cell damage and scarring

Below is the pertinent information that you should provide your Life Insurance Broker or agent in order for them to shop the market and try to obtain the best life insurance offer available:

  • Date of diagnosis:
  • Please give the date and results of the most recent liver enzyme tests:
    • AST/SGOT
    • ALT/SGPT
    • GGTP
  • Current medications:
  • Are you currently drinking any form of alcohol:
  • Have you had any of the following studies have been completed:
    • liver ultrasound or CT scan
    • liver biopsy
    • viral load
  • Have you been diagnosed with either of the following:
    • chronic hepatitis
    • cirrhosis
  • Are you being treated with interferon or other anti-viral drugs?
  • Please submit a copy of your hepatitis studies and liver biopsy report if completed.

This information on Hepatitis C Life Insurance should help you in your search for affordable term life insurance plans. Please work with a knowledgeable agent or broker to find and get the best term life rates and plans. This type of life insurance is considered substandard impaired risk life insurance and you should consult with specialist’s in this field.