Life Insurance Anemia

Anemia and Life Insurance!

What is Anemia/sickle cell?
A reduction in the number of red blood cells due to blood loss, failure of the bone marrow to produce sufficient cells, or premature destruction of the cells. Obviously a condition life this can and will have an affect on the underwriting of your term or permanent life insurance policy.

Factors that can and most likely will affect the underwriting decision of your term life insurance policy:

? Type of anemia
? Cause of anemia, if known
? Treatment
? Details of testing done and
referrals to specialists (include
dates, names of tests and
doctors seen)
? Blood test results
? Medications
? Any other medical condition or impairment

Items that will be needed to supply to your broker or agent to give to the life insurance company’s underwriter:

Dr’s Records of your past medical history and treatment
? Details of investigation and testing
? Details of ongoing surveillance of the condition (including blood tests, electrophoresis)

Please provide as much information as possible up front so you can have a more firm idea of what your life insurance premiums and rates might be.

What might be your likely underwriting decision if you have Anemia?

Ratings as with any condition will depend on the type of Anemia that you have. The Insurance Companies underwriting decision can vary from Preferred rates all the way up to a decline of postpone.
Iron deficiency anemia: 

  • Preferred could be possible when it has been fully investigated by your Doctor and no underlying condition has been identified.

Aplastic Anemia: 

  • This condition is usually a decline right off the bat with most carriers but please talk to us first and let us investigate before you give up.

Hemolytic Anemia:

  • Could be Standard rate class at best with most carriers, most likely a table 2 to table 4 rating though. Rate class could go higher depending on the type and severity.

 Don’t worry though the lifeinsurance-pros are here to help you with the process and finding the most affordable term life insurance plan.  Request your free quote no strings attached and let’s see what we can do to help.