Mountain Climbing Life Insurance

Mountain Climbing Life Insurance

Mountain Climbing has become a very popular sport or past time over the last decade or so and the people who perform in such avocations are avid participants usually.

When it comes to a mountain climber trying to get Life Insurance on their own life it sometimes can become difficult to get the best rating’s due to where they climb and the elevation of some of the climbs.

We’ve put together some information for you if you are a Mountain Climber and looking for life insurance so you will know what information most life insurance carriers and underwriters will ask or look for in determining if they will offer you a policy. As always seek out an experienced life insurance agent or broker to help you in shopping for the best coverage available.

Typically the Life Insurance Underwriters will be looking for the following information to help them in deciding to offer you coverage.

  • Experience:
  • Training:
  • Difficulty or the grade of the climb:
  • Your overall condition of health:
  • Do you belong to any clubs or affiliations:

Most carriers look at Mountain Climbing in the following categories so please be very specific in detailing to your agent what it is you actually do when climbing, such as the following categories:

  • Walking: or Trail Hiking or Trekking
  • Rock Climbing:
  • Snow and or Ice Climbing:

 Trekking or Trail Hiking most often will not impede a rating or flat extra “but it does depend” if you are climbing outside of the U.S. or at higher elevations you could possibly expect a rating or flat extra added to your premiums.

Below are questions you should have prepared for your life insurance broker to help them expedite your underwriting with the life carriers. 

1.) What specific climbing are you currently involved with?

  • Trail Hiking:
  • Rock & Mountain Climbing in North America:
  • Rock & Mountain Climbing outside of North America:

 2.) Type of safety equipment that you currently use on your climbs, be very specific:

3.) How long have you been climbing?

  • Date of your last climb:
  • Number of climbs in the last year and where were they, include elevation:
  • Number of climbs you expect in the next year where and the elevation of the climb:

4.) Please describe all the formal training that you have for climbing:

  • Please list all qualifying certificates and licenses you have received:
  • Please list all club membership’s and organization affiliations you currently have:

5.) Do you use tobacco or have any major health issues such as diabetes, cancer, heart issues:

This information should help you get a tentative quote from your agent or broker and see if the premiums are affordable and acceptable to you to begin with, then you may make a decision to apply or not. We can always help you in trying to get the best possible quote as well simply request a quote from our free term life quote tool and detail the information of your climbing activities after you hit the request more info tab from the spreadsheet of carriers.