Scuba Divers Life Insurance

Scuba Divers Life Insurance!

Yes Scuba Divers you too can get some of the most affordable and cheapest rates in the nation even being a diver.  Now you might not get the best rates and depending on what kind of diving you do you could get what’s called a flat extra.  Even then you might be surprised to see how affordable Term Life Insurance has become over the last few years. 

Life Insurance companies underwrite their policies and rate the premiums based off the average persons health and activities. So it only makes sense that if you are a scuba diver looking for life insurance you can probably expect to pay more for your policy. But the premiums you pay for scuba life insurance will really be determined by a number of different circumstances I’ll cover below.

How much will it cost me? 

Most life insurance carriers will charge you what’s called a flat extra premium to cover the extra mortality risk associated with your scuba diving activities. Sometimes the flat extra premium can increase your rates almost double or triple.  You will also be evaluated on your health that could rate your policy even more. In order for you to obtain your Scuba Life Insurance, and how much the premiums will be are based off how often you dive, your experience and certifications, where you dive, how deep you dive and what you plan to dive in the future.

What do I do know?

The best thing for you to do is to make sure you shop around for coverage.  Some life insurance companies will not penalize you as much as another one might, and since there are approximately 1800 life insurance companies in the country (well you get my point).

What we need to know To get you the Best Scuba Diver Life Quote!

What information do I need to get the best Scuba Life Insurance quotes? When you are ready to buy your Scuba Life Insurance Policy be ready to answer the questions below with your agent or broker, make sure he has access to a number of Life Insurance Companies so he can shop your information and get the best quote before applying.

  • How Long Have you been diving?
  • What certifications do you hold?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • What are the locations of your diving activities?
  • Do you ever dive alone? (and explain if you do)
  • Do you do any cave, wreck or salvage diving? (and explain if you do)
  • What are the average depths you dive?
    What are your deepest dives and how often?
  • Do you dive for financial benefits? (and explain if you do)
  • Are you a member of any organized clubs? (name the clubs if you do)
  • For the last 12 months and the future 12 months list
    The number of Dives you competed, Average Time per Dive and Depth of the Dives

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