Term Life Insurance Companies

Term Life Insurance Companies!

Here you will find a directory of what we consider the Top Term Life Insurance Companies in America, we’ll tell you why we like them. Give you information to contact them if you are an existing customer of theirs, also access to get term life quotes and rates from each respective carrier.

Other Top Rated Carriers is where you can view another list of some of the best carriers in the nation.

Lifeinsurance-pros top recommended Term Life Insurance companies!


Which term life insurance companies are the best one for you?

With so many Insurance Companies all offering a form or type of Life Insurance the choices are endless, especially with internet access at your fingertips. But to be honest with you there probably are about 50-60 companies that most good Life Insurance Agents work with. The fact of the matter is that you can only keep up to date with so many of them and there probably about 10 term life companies that garner about 80% of all the business. You know the old 80/20 rule, well its true in life insurance as well.

But there are distinct differences between the companies, who has the best rates? Who will give you the most favorable underwriting? Who is best when it come to Smokers and Tobacco Chewers? Who is the best if you are a Private Pilot, or Student Pilot trying to get life insurance on your life.