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Baltimore Life Insurance Company

History of Baltimore Life

The year was 1882. Baltimore was the sixth largest city in the 38 United States. A hard-working man could earn $8 or $9 a week. At this time, in an atmosphere of prosperity and change, 5 businessmen founded the Baltimore Mutual help Society of Baltimore Town on March twenty-seven. Frank Strobridge got voted in president. Total assets were $260.93.

In those days most people looked to insurance ensure a proper burial for a loved one, not to help a family deprived of a wage earner. The face quantity of policies ranged between about $100 to $600 or $700. Premiums ranged from at least cents to fifty cents a week, at the most.

The first home office was a little brick building, with the office found on the first floor. It wasn’t bizarre for an officer, even the president, to sell insurance.

Baltimore Life Insurance Company Products

Senior Life Insurance Products:
Silver Guard is the name of the product series of whole life insurance products created to help you and your mates pay for final expenses. Available for ages forty to 80.

They also sell Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance products for every age not just targeting the Senior Market, Like the Life Ledger XII product.

Immediate Annuities or SPIA’s are available through their Accumulator Plus product which is a flexible premium deferred allowance in that it allows subsequent premium payments.

* Optional riders – A nursing home rider, terminal illness rider and interest index rider ( which creates a minimum IR ) are available.

Baltimore Life Insurance Company Contact Information

The Baltimore Life Companies (NAIC Number 61212)
The Baltimore Life Insurance Company
10075 Red Run Boulevard · Owings Mills, MD 21117-4871
Tel: 410.581.6600 / 800.628-5433 · Fax: 410.581.6601