Lincoln National Life Insurance

Lincoln National Life Insurance!

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is another top quality US based life insurer that we highly recommend here at lifeinsurance-pros. They bought and merged with Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance Company and did a very good job of bringing together the best that both carriers had to offer.

Lincoln has a terrific Term Life Insurance Portfolio which they call Lincoln Life Elements Term which has 10, 15, 20 and 30 year level term options for you to choose from. We highly recommend that you obtain a Lincoln life quote or rates from us or your other life broker/agent. They also have one of the best permanent/universal life portfolios in the business with a number of great products to convert your term policy to. For other great permanent/variable life products John Hancock Life Insurance is also highly recommended for their rates and awesome older age underwriting.

Lincoln Term Life Elements Product information!
The term product is a to age 95 product with an initial level premium period i.e.. 10,15,20 or 30.
They have a number of rate classes for you to fit into which include:

  • Rate Classes for Male and Female
     Non-Tobacco – Preferred Plus
     Non-Tobacco – Preferred
     Non-Tobacco – Standard
     Tobacco – Preferred
     Tobacco – Standard
  • Issue Ages The Issue Ages will be calculated by Age Nearest
     10 year 18-75 (New York 18-70)
     15 Year 18-65
     20 Year 18-60
     30 Year 18-50 (Tobacco Classes 18-45)
    Face Amount Limits
    Minimum: $100,000
    Maximum: None specified

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company Ratings!

  • A.M. Best Company (Best’s Rating, 15 ratings) A+ (2)
    Standard & Poor’s (Financial Strength, 20 ratings) AA (3)
    Moody’s (Financial Strength, 21 ratings) Aa3 (4)
    Fitch Ratings (Financial Strength, 24 ratings) AA (3) (Safety Rating, 16 ratings) B- (6)
    Comdex (Percentile in Rated Companies) 92

Lincoln’s page of current ratings below:

Lincoln National Life Contact Information!
General Life Insurance inquiries call 1-800-444-2363
Mailing and Overnight Address
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Attention – Life Operations
350 Church Street
Hartford, CT 06103-1106

First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company

Customer Service at 1-800-450-3067
Postal Mail
First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company
PO Box 21008
Greensboro, NC 27420

Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company

General Fixed Life Insurance call us at 1-800-487-1485
Fax Number
Life Policies — 1-336-335-2054

Jefferson Pilot Financial
PO Box 21008
Greensboro, NC 27420