Cheap Term Life Insurance

Cheap Term Life Insurance!


Is there really such a thing as cheap term life insurance?  Well that really depends on a few things.  A number of internet marketing companies advertise as cheap or low cost term life insurance. 


The fact of the matter is that yes life insurance rates and prices have come down over the last few years.  To call the premiums cheap really is a matter of perspective, and of course how much disposable income you have to spend on insurance. 


That is the beauty of having us here at the Lifeinsurance-pros website we allow you to obtain free term life quotes so you can decide on your own if the premiums are cheap.

We allow you to get instant term quotes from our term life premium search tool that tracks rates from over a hundred different companies. 


So please don’t be fooled by all the hype of other sites that say you can get cheap, free, instant or inexpensive term life insurance quotes.  You see it all depends on your current health and past medical history period.  If you apply for an instant online policy you will not have to have an exam with blood or urine taken, that would be analyzed by a lab and the underwriters.  Nor do they order your Doctors records to review your past health history, so obviously your premiums are going to be much higher than a regular plan where you undergo full underwriting. 


Does Cheap Term Life Insurance exist?


That is really the question here isn’t it?  Term premium rates have drastically reduced over the last few years.  Mortality tables have been extended and most life carriers are now using the 2001 mortality tables, all that means to you is cheaper premiums.  But Cheap Insurance only exists if you meet certain underwriting criteria and if you can afford it.  Shoot a premium may be twenty dollars a month but if you cant afford it than it is not cheap. 


Here at the PRO’s though we will do everything in our power to help you find the most affordable and cheapest life insurance rates in the industry!  We will shop the market and discuss with you up front any potential health issue you have that may affect your underwriting offers.  So send us an email or give us a call and lets get going on your new insurance policy.


30 year term life insurance is not as cheap as regular term insurance but you get coverage for a much longer period of time and it is usually bought to cover a mortgage or other debt load, find out more!