How to Buy Term Life Insurance

How To Buy Term Life Insurance!


When you go to buy term life insurance there are a few things you should know in order for you to get the very best rates and underwriting offers.  First we suggest that you work with an independent life insurance agent or broker.  A broker that does not represent only one carrier or company what they call a career agent or captive agent.  Look for an agent that represents multiple carriers and works with a brokerage general agency.  Why we suggest this is due to the fact an independent agent can offer you term life rates and quotes from all the top life insurance carriers in the market place like we do her at the LifeInsurance-Pros. 


How working with an independent agent or broker helps you get the best rates!

Make sure in the beginning stages that you tell you agent all pertinent medical history that could effect underwriting.  There is no reason not to disclose any major medical issues because the underwriters will see your medical record when they order them from your doctor.  The more information your agent has the better job they can do to make sure you apply with the correct carrier, whether you are looking for a whole life insurance policy or just trying to get the very best and cheap term rates and policy.  Different carriers will look more favorably on different medical conditions than others.  For example if you have diabetes one carrier could rate you a Standard rate class while another might offer you a table 2 rate class (which is higher).  Please don?t be fooled by all the other online life insurance companies saying things like save 70 percent off your current premiums.  Honestly that rarely happens, but it is possible to get reduced term life rates than what you are currently paying.  Also please note these same principles and this qualifying information will apply to you even if you are buying a whole life insurance policy. Or you may simply try and get the best deal by getting a term life insurance quote online as well. 


The Exam process when buying term life coverage!

Next make sure you prep your self for the paramedical examiner that you will go see or they will come to you.  Try and fast at least 12 hours before your exam, try to have your exam early in the morning without gulping down a pot of coffee.  Exam?s are very important they draw blood and urine and measure-weigh you.  Depending on the face amount of your term or whole life insurance policy that you are applying for they may even perform a resting EKG or Treadmill stress test. 


These two tips that we have given you are probably two of the most important things you can do when learning how to buy term life insurance to get the absolute most affordable insurance rates and premiums.  Really the rest will depend on your medical history with your doctors and how well you take care of yourself.  You are in luck because we here at the Pros are an independent life insurance brokerage so we can help you shop the market regardless of your health to help you get the best rates and premiums.  Then you simply have to compare term life insurance rates from the carriers you agent has shown you. Insurance that you can afford, it makes no sense to get life insurance if you can?t afford to pay for it, Right?