Low Cost Life Insurance

Low Cost Life Insurance!

Over the past few years the cost of life insurance has decreased dramatically for both Term and Whole Life or permanent types of plans.  So it has been easier than ever for consumers and insured to find, quote and purchase low cost life insurance policies, even more so for term policies due to there is no cash valued build up in term life plans. Please check here to find out more on the different types of Term Life Insurance Policy plans that you can choose from and what cost and which riders are available from your broker or agent. 

But Low Cost is a bit of a misnomer, you see your rates can only be as cheap as your health will allow you too.  First to find the lowest priced policy you must shop the market or get a spreadsheet of term carriers rates, of course make sure you only deal with top carriers that are A+ rated or higher.  Trust me if you have to pay a couple of extra dollars to have your policy underwritten with a top notch carrier then do it! Second you must then apply to the carrier to be underwritten by their underwriting department, if your overall health along with family history, weight, blood pressure and urinalysis comes back with their guidelines then you will get approved. 

Now if you results come back excellent then you may be approved for their very best rate class and in that respect it could possibly be the lowest cost life insurance available to you in the industry. 

What’s with all the online brokers touting they have the Lowest Cost Life Insurance???

Something that makes us mad here at the Lifeinsurance-pros is how a number of the online brokerage companies say you can save 70% on your life insurance rates.  The only reason we balk at this type of advertisement is because we feel they are trying to bait and switch you, you know get you in the door with cheap quotes and after underwriting you don’t get those rates that you were quoted.  See we will ask you a few questions up front so we can try and determine how much your term life insurance policy will cost you right up front.  It doesn’t always work out this way and sometimes you will not get the rates that you originally applied for due to health, lifestyle or an avocation issue.  But we can most of the time get the prices very close to the original quote, or we can always reduce the face amount or the term length to get you closer to the premium you can afford or pay. 

So Please get your free quote here at the lifeinsurance-pros so we can help you in getting the lowest cost life insurance premiums available, whether you need term or universal life coverage we can help.  We will also give you some tips and tricks so your exam will have a chance to back as positive as possible.