Life Insurance No Medical Exam



Cant’ qualify for regular term life insurance? There is another way to get life insurance no medical exam required!

Life insurance no medical exam is a way to quickly obtain life insurance coverage. It is commonly referred to as guaranteed issue or simplified life insurance. It is generally an option for individuals with some health problems who may be older and/or wouldn’t qualify for regular term life insurance. Sounds simple enough. Although you can get ‘no exam life insurance’, there are strings attached.

The amount of coverage may be limited!

Rates are higher with much less protection.   The more coverage you want, the more extensive the medical exam becomes. Life insurance companies want to know your health status – any means affecting your mortality is a risk for the insurance company. The fact that your attempting to qualify for term life insurance no medical exam is an instant red flag.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance qualifying guidelines!

Not everyone qualifies for no health exam term life insurance.  Be prepared to hear no. It’s difficult to qualify for no medical exam life insurance unless your young and in perfect health. Those suffering from Cancer, AIDS- HIV, heart disease, had a stroke, and other disorders or diseases may not qualify. If your not certain you’ll be eligible to obtain coverage, speak to a trusted life insurance agent. So if you do not qualify for the no exam insurance you might have to try and apply for what is called guaranteed life insurance.  Guaranteed life is not really guaranteed, though it is a graded benefit plan. click the above link to learn more.