Life Insurance Settlements

Life Insurance Settlement and Senior Life Settlements!

Life insurance settlements  is also called senior settlements, insurance settlements or viatical settlement. The purpose of life settlements is to provide senior life insurance policy holders a more lucrative alternative to cashing in their policy for the life insurance company’s cash surrender value or canceling altogether. It’s a time when senior policy holders have reached a point where their life insurance policies have become unwanted, un affordable or unneeded and are now faced with either cashing in their policy for a low surrender value or allowing it to lapse.

Enter Life insurance settlements. This allows seniors to sale their life insurance policy to third party investors for a percentage of the policies face amount in exchange for a single lump sum that is greater  than would be received by surrendering the senior life policy to the insurance provider. Some investors are paying up to 10-20%!

By selling your life insurance policy for a cash settlement you get cash now to spend at your own discretion (mortgage, debt, car.)The amount paid in an insurance settlement is based on the life expectancy of the person insured; generally 20 yrs or less. The less time you have the higher the value of the insurance policy . Settlements are valid for term life insurance and permanent insurance (whole life insurance, universal life insurance.)


A Viatical settlement is a unique financial assistance option which enable someone facing a terminal illness to utilize the present day value of their life insurance policy to pay the financial burdens of high medical bills and or other living expenses.

To find out more about uses of life settlements and viaticals for business owners go read this article on the different types of key man life insurance. Key man viaticals are more common than you would think and can provide much needed cash for your business.