Smoker Life Insurance

Smoker Life Insurance!

LIFE INSURANCE FOR SMOKERS, Pipe, chewing and all sorts of nicotine products is actually still quite affordable!

It’s no surprise that smokers typically find smoker term life insurance premiums roughly three-times higher than that of a non-smoker. Why so much? Simply put, mortality, how long you will live. Smokers pose an increased risk to a life insurance company because smokers develop more health issues like lung cancer and die earlier than non-smokers. As a result its harder to get affordable smoker term life insurance quotes. But, there are options.
Smoker insurance rates are contingent upon the types of tobacco products used (cigarettes, cigars, pipe, or chew tobacco.) Most life insurance companies use different underwriting criteria to determine whether or not you would fall into one of their smoker classifications which is why you will see a range of smoker life insurance rates.

Some companies will charge less if you quit smoking, others will force you to wait two-years before giving you a smoker affordable term insurance rate. If you no longer smoke some companies will still give you a smoker term insurance quote while others will offer non-smoker term life insurance quote (assuming you will remain smoker free.) From stringent insurance companies you may get a smoker life insurance quote although you don’t smoke cigarettes or cigars but use any sort of tobacco.

Other companies might  charge less if you smoke an occasional cigar, but not cigarettes, Or give you preferred term rates if you use chewing tobacco only. As you can see there are several variations so speak with your life insurance agent to guide you to the cheapest smoker term insurance rate and ample coverage.  Even if you are needing permanent coverage for estate planning you can still get great rates on survivorship life insurance policies.


Statistically, women have higher mortality rates than males. This means females will qualify for lower term life quotes. This is also true for smokers.


The good news is, that smokers can reverse the damage of longtime smoking by quitting. Within 24 hours of smoking your last cigarette, you already have begun cutting your heart attack risk. After 10 years, you have cut your lung cancer risk in half, and after 15 years your risk of heart disease is the same as if you had never smoked.